Clickbank affiliate marketing - how to make money by being an affiliate

You're probably on this page right now because you want to make money through Clickbank affiliate marketing right? Awesome because that's what I'm gonna show you in this blog post today. The fact is, there are multiple ways to earning a good income from Clickbank but I'm gonna focus on one method - building laser focused Clickbank sites.

Here's some tools you'll need first:
A Clickbank account
Domain name
Host it either on Blogger or hostgator

We'll start with the very first step before anything else, choosing a niche. Although it is pretty old (I wrote this back in 2008) many of the product and niche selection strategies still remains, see this post on clickbank product selection in the marketplace.

Right from the get go, you should pick out at least two niches to target. Here's how this strategy works, you find a good converting offer in Clickbank, choose 'lateral' non direct niches, rank for this niche, provide quality content and finally promote the clickbank product and bank in some nice CB cash.

Here's an quick example:

I did a quick preliminary search in 'home and garden' and found these selections that seems to fit the bill:

For this example, we'll choose the 'chicken coop' niche. The very next step to do is to head over to my favorite keyword research tool from Google. Look at some of the results I got by placing the 'seed' keyword of 'build chicken coop':

So many results! And the good thing is, the searches per month for these keyword terms runs in the thousands.

So that's another good news for you. Next, head over to namecheap or whatever domain registrar you're using and try to find an exact match for one of the keywords.

So if a keyword is 'how to build a small chicken coop' - you should ideally register a or .net or .org.

Based on the keyword results and a quick search I've found these exact domains available (I only look for .net, com and .orgs) (720 searches/month) (8100 searches/month) (1900 searches/month) (2900 searches/month)

Erm, who said lucrative niches are all dead? There's plenty of opportunities out there still and plenty of money to be made online. If in the unlikely event that you cannot find an exact domain, don't fret...think creatively!

What OTHER search terms do people use in that niche? 'chicken run' or maybe 'chicken shed'? The key is to not only think narrowing but by thinking laterally when choosing your niches and your domain (and subsequently your article titles)

So the next step would be to register your domain. After you do this step, you can choose to either host it on (free) or choose a host like hostgator (paid) but it gives you more flexibility.

For my Clickbank sites, I've a mix of sites hosted on blogger and hostgator but I do prefer hostgator ($3/month for their cheapest option which is sufficient)because it has CPanel and allows me to install WordPress.

Wordpress powers almost 90% of my sites.

I shall not go into the technical details of setting up WP because there's plenty of instructions out there showing you how to install wordpress inside hostgator. Instead, let's talk about what you should do after you've got your blog up and running.

One of the first things you should have up on your page firsts are your earning disclaimers, privacy policies. It is important to set it up first before you even monetize anything. The privacy policy for this site was one of my first few posts. Once that is done and out of the way, you start to put out articles and quality articles in your blog.

Here's how it looks like:

Step 1: Insert your disclaimers, compensation disclosure and privacy policies etc
Step 2: Prepare a series of 5 article each around 250-350 words, make sure it passes the 'will a human being read this?' test.
Step 3: Have these articles drip fed and released over the course of 1 week. Which means almost a new post a day. (You can schedule automatic blog posting within wordpress)

Important note: make sure your articles are written around keywords you're trying to rank for! So go back to the keyword list you pulled up just now from the 'seed' keyword and look for 5 keyword phrases to 'write on'.

In our example, this can be articles on 'large chicken coops' (3,600 searches), 'building chicken coops' (8,100), 'diy chicken coop plans' (1,300) and on and on.

That's all you need to do for now to make money from Clickbank affiliate marketing. In the next blog post I take you step by step on what you ought to do once you've your 5 articles up. Remember not to monetize it yet at this stage - that means no Adsense, no amazon links, no clickbank ads. Keep it all content for now.

Oh by the way, you need to monitor stats so go install Google analytics or go to to monitor stats - both are free services.

I'll see you in the next blog post for the 2nd part of this series on making money with CB via clickbank affiliate marketing!

If you like what you've read and if this information here is helpful to you, please let me know by leaving a comment below or by linking to this page! You can also read my earlier posts on how to not make money from clickbank

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